Friday, 24 February 2017

ニュースに対して自分の意見を英語で表現するための参考としてもらうための記事シリーズ (1)

生徒から「英語ニュースの解説は巷に溢れているが、それに対して自分の意見を述べるための参考例をガリレオに示してほしい」というリクエストがあったので、まずは Facebookで見つけた以下の BBC Newsの動画を題材に試しに記事にしてみる。


■ 「政治家は当選してこそ」編

     As the first lady in this video says, he does speak his mind and won the presidential election. I believe politicians today should learn to express their true feelings, instead of sticking to their public stance, because people are used to communicating with celebrities through SNS and feel sympathy for those who seem "closer" to them.   In this sense, at least to some extent, President Trump succeeded in getting people to think that he shares the same view as them.  As Near (Death Note) says, "if you can't beat the game, if you can't solve the puzzle, you're nothing but a loser."



■「"He speaks his mind"って言っても…」編

     Although his supporters might assume that Mr Trump is honest because he appears to be speaking his mind, we should distinguish "frankness" and "honesty".  I don't think he is trustworthy or well qualified as a politician, because he is neither tactful nor diplomatic.  What the President is supposed to do is to manage various conflicts, rather than to provoke them.  Just dividing the world into half -- his supporters and his enemies -- and condemning the latter will never solve any problem.  As a business leader, it might be legitimate for him to say whatever he believes at his own risk, but as a politician, he needs to know where he stands.




     I think the third man in the video has got a point.  Indeed, it's only been a month and thus it's too early to decide whether Mr Trump is a good President or not.  What we really have to focus on is whether he can really turn things around as the man says, or he will just turn the world upside down.


三番目の男性の言っていることに一理ある。大統領就任後1ヶ月では、トランプ氏について判断を下すには時期尚早。本当に事態を好転させられる (turn things around)のか、それとも世界をめちゃくちゃにしてしまう (turn the world upside down)だけなのか、そこに注目していく必要があろう。


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