Friday, 23 August 2013

How to Use Google Drive as an Electronic Whiteboard

Easy to Use

For Online English (or any other languages) Tutors

If you have your own Google account and want to make your lessons more effective, it is advisable to create an electronic whiteboard with a Google Drive Document.
It has several advantages over Skype chat box:

  • It's easy to use.
  • What you can do on a chat box will also be supported, and there are several features Skype chat box do NOT have.
  • You can demonstrate how to make grammatical sentences visually to your students.
  • By modifying sharing settings, you and your students can interact on the whiteboard/worksheet.

How to Create One

Just log in to your Google Drive page.  Click "Create" tab and choose "Document" to create a new document.

To let your students view and/or edit the document, click "Share" tab and modify its sharing settings:

Here, the document's visibility options are set as "anyone with the link can view".  By sending my students the URL of this doc, which is displayed after clicking "save", they can view (but cannot modify) this worksheet.

Tips for Effective Use

Real-time and Interactive

This electronic whiteboard enables your students watch what you type on a real-time basis.  Thus you can show, for example, the process of rewriting an active sentence into a passive counterpart, or connect two sentences by relative clause.  Such visualization will definitely be a great help for the learners.

Also, if you let "anyone with the link can edit", you can chat with your students on the board whenever needed.  You can have them type target sentences in a grammar lesson, or give a dictation in a listening class.

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